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Preparing to Transition Into Adulthood

A period of transition begins once we know a change is coming. And for adolescents, transition into adulthood is a right of passage and time of great importance in one’s life. The planning a person does or doesn’t do can make or break a smooth transition process. Disability or not, transitioning into adulthood can be particularly daunting for students. They leave behind familiar schools and routines, friendly faces, and the support system they have cultivated over their childhood. Faced with the uncertainty of change, one can find comfort in knowing that transitions begin a long time before change occurs. With the right plan in place, transition into adulthood can be a fun process. It can even be something to look forward to as times of change are opportunities to design our lives to be anything we want them to be.

Consider following the steps below when formulating a transition plan into adulthood. Read more here.


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