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Honoring a Black Leader in our Disability Community

Have you met LeDerick Horne or heard of his advocacy efforts yet?

We, at Values Into Action, connected with Mr. Horne when we learned of his work with NJ schools and transitioning into adulthood community. We discovered that he, along with Bill Davis, were awarded a grant from the New Jersey Council on Developmental Disabilities. The grant project aims to increase access to information and services for Black New Jersey residents with I/DD and their families. At once, we knew we had to support their work!

From getting to know LeDerick, we have learned that he is a person who identifies as having a disability. He is a cultural worker, an artist, and a poet. His experience with disability influences his approach to his work, and he uses culture as a tool for his messages. LeDerick uses practical means and supports to create cultural changes that shift the way people think about disabilities. You can view his work on YouTube.

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